Building liquidity through
sale & lease back

Selling and leasing back self-occupied company-owned real estate, simultaneously, unlocks capital and creates equity available for investments and growth  

Most important reasons for a sale & lease back transaction

Create equity

Especially in times of high real estate valuations the market value of a property is often above its book value. Hidden reserves can be transformed into balance sheet equity.

Unlock liquidity

Unlock liquidity for investment in operations or corporate growth.

Adjust the capital structure

Possibility to optimise the capital structure such as debt amortisation or return of capital to shareholders by means of distributing a dividend.

Improved operational flexibility

Possibility to evaluate stay or go at the end of the lease term. A sale and lease back transaction can be a long-term exit strategy in a win-win-situation with the investor.

Sale and lease back – liquidity when you need it

Raising capital from your company’s property by selling and leasing back individual assets or whole portfolios can be highly beneficial.  Monetising your real estate can help:
1. Release of tied up financial resources and realization of hidden reserves.
2. Creation of liquidity and better liquidity ratios.
3. Unlock capital for business operations such as investments or growth.
4. Momentum strategy with currently high property valuations.
5. Early exit scenario before a property becomes a problem in the event of a separation from properties that will be redundant in the future. 
We have a wide expert knowledge in structuring, executing and negotiating sale and lease back transactions. We follow a holistic commercial approach by connecting your operational and financial targets.

Sale & Lease Back – Why and how ?

Selling a property and simultaneously leasing it back – a conversation with Lars Frölich

Everything you need to know about financial and operationsal benefits from a sale and lease back transaction, how the rent is defined and resulting rights and obligations.

Our track record


108 successful transactions in Switzerland with a total of >225 properties


Thereof, 29 are executed sale and lease back transactions in Switzerland with >50 properties in sum

CHF 11.5 billion

The grand total of all Swiss transactions is > CHF 11.5 billion.
Thereof, > CHF 4.6 billion are executed sale & lease back transactions


We have been the first ones to institutionalise the reverse auction to optimise the ratio of rent and purchase price


Leading digital tools to execute a transaction most convenient for investors as online as possible and to maximise multimedia use for more emotions

Global and local

JLL Switzerland combines the advantages of a customer-oriented national organization with the strength and professionalism of a global company


Selling and leasing back a property creates several conflicts. An overview of the most important tensions in which JLL comprehensively advises you:

Good to know

Selling and leasing back a property with reduced alternative uses is rather corporate financing. Thus, real estate investors treat the transaction as such and the seller-tenant is analysed accordingly.

Criteria to determine the alternative use are location and degree of specification for the user and usage.

The higher the degree of specification of a property the lower the alternative use possibilities, the longer is the required minimum lease term.

Selected track record

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