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Explore the ways we help our clients find the perfect space for their business.

Win and obtain the loyalty of a mix of lessees that is both balanced and reliable, and thus ensure maximum occupation in the long term. We guide you during the negotiation of leasing terms and conditions, and secure the greatest possible return.

Workplace Design

We help our clients to design their workplaces to increase employee collaboration, commitment and satisfaction and optimise value for money.

Marketing strategy

We come up with measures to ensure that our clients’ properties stand vacant for as short a time as possible, quickly finding long-term tenants through a combination of traditional marketing and the latest, most innovative technologies.

Lease advisory

Respond in good time to market changes, re-negotiate leases at an early stage, minimise future risks and establish a long-term leasing strategy that actively supports your long-term investment goals.

Workplace strategy

Plan modern working environments with us. We develop a concept for space and features, suited exactly to the needs of your lessees and flexible enough to be ready for any change. This not only secures greater revenues, but also a long-term appreciation in value of the property.

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