Designing and
Delivering tomorrow’s Workplace II

July 09, 2020

With the rise of remote working and the realisation that focused work can take place anywhere, the attention now shifts to tasks that require a common space.

Meeting, exchanging ideas and collaborating with teammates will be central to tomorrow’s workplace, and what is required to design around these specific tasks. We foresee the inclusion of spaces that will allow for safe collaboration for varying periods of time, supporting different teams – this will result in a fundamental shift toward Pivot Spaces.

At the same time, the management of these new flexible working modes, alternating remote working and time in the office, requires the adoption of digital solutions to manage flows, space reservations, facilities management and cleaning scheduling.

Finally, employee expectations of environmental quality of workspaces have evolved. A healthy office, both for its users and for the planet, is becoming the new standard. As a result, sustainable design is becoming a major asset in attracting top talent and promoting corporate values.

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