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News Release


Sal. Oppenheim real estate team moves to Jones Lang LaSalle

  • Team of real estate experts from Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. Corporate Finance (Switzerland) Ltd., led by Jan Eckert, moves to Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Existing consultancy activities in Switzerland to be continued
  • Affiliation with a global integrated services real estate firm

ZURICH, 14 January 2011: The Real Estate Corporate Finance Team is leaving Sal. Oppenheim in Zurich. As of 1 February 2011, the 11-person team led by Jan Eckert will be moving to the newly established Swiss subsidiary of the international real estate consultancy firm Jones Lang La Salle.

Jones Lang LaSalle specialises in managing complex property and corporate transactions, valuing properties in accordance with internationally recognised standards, and offering strategic and organisational advice to institutional property owners on matters relating to the ownership, development and management of their real estate. The team led by Jan Eckert, the CEO-elect of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Swiss subsidiary, has an extensive range of expertise and references in these areas.

Jan Eckert believes that the joining of forces will give rise to new opportunities for direct property owners as well as property companies and investors: ‘The real estate market is becoming increasingly globalised and more complex. Jones Lang LaSalle is an ideal partner for us, with a global network that will not only give us access to highly attractive business partners in international real estate markets, but also to best-in-class skills in a number of areas still developing in Switzerland. At the same time, our Swiss clients will gain direct access to international investors. With the integration of our consultancy services in a global context, we will also benefit from a massive enhancement in terms of staff, systems and research.’

Jones Lang LaSalle’s interest in Sal. Oppenheim’s real estate corporate finance team is based not just on the team’s expertise with regard to the Swiss markets, but also on its proven strengths in the area of corporate finance. As Christian Ulbrich, CEO EMEA for Jones Lang LaSalle, explains: ‘Switzerland is an exceptionally interesting market for Jones Lang LaSalle, both as a source of real estate capital and as a market in which to develop real estate services. Having an office and an experienced team in Zurich will enable us to participate in the development and growth of the Swiss real estate market. In addition our global expertise and connected network of colleagues and offices will enable us to assist Swiss capital in targeting and participating in the global real estate markets.’

Wide range of services
The newly established Jones Lang LaSalle AG provides a wide range of services for property owners, companies and investors:

  • Property transactions: advice on acquisitions and divestments of property portfolios, assistance with large asset and share deals as well as complex sale-and-leaseback transactions.
  • Corporate transactions: advice on acquisitions and divestments of property-related businesses.
  • Property valuations: evaluation of property portfolios, special-purpose properties and real estate companies.
  • Strategic consulting: advice for private and institutional property owners on strategic issues surrounding their real estate assets. This includes the full range of property investments – direct, indirect and listed – on the Swiss market and internationally.
  • Research: research and analysis of locations, segments and markets in Switzerland and abroad.

Jones Lang LaSalle will continue the long-standing and successful cooperation with Kuoni Mueller & Partner in Zurich and Schofield & Partners in Geneva.

Global partner
Jones Lang LaSalle has a worldwide reputation as one of the leading financial, service and consultancy companies in the real estate sector (NYSE: JLL). The company provides integrated services for property owners, occupants and investors. Jones Lang LaSalle employs approximately 30,000 members of staff worldwide and operates in more than 750 cities in 60 countries. In 2009, Europe, Asia and the USA each generated about one third of the company’s total turnover of around USD 2.5 billion.